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Raptours and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary team up!

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The global raptor touring company Raptours and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Kempton, have teamed up to promote ecotourism, connect people with birds of prey and help to preserve the world’s raptor diversity. As a result, Raptours will donate to Hawk Mountain 5 % of profits for every tour booked by Sanctuary members.

Today Raptours is owned and operated by Hawk Mountain trainee graduate Sergio Seipke and this new partnership provides him the opportunity to give back to an organization that has meant—and still means—so much for Sergio.

This new and remarkable partnership means that in the future Hawk Mountain members will be able to visit remote parts of the globe to see new raptors in the company of the world’s very best raptor biologists and interpreters, much as they can now do at Hawk Mountain itself.

Current Raptours offerings include Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, and India, and the company and its leader have contributed to local raptor conservation programs abroad including the Chumphon Raptor Center, Thailand, and the Harpy Eagle Project, in Argentina.


Why Raptours?

Because raptor enthusiasts often feel that regular birding tours do not quite meet their needs.

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How are the destinations chosen?

We select destinations that feature spectacular concentrations and/or a variety of birds of prey, including rarely seen species.

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What can I expect from Raptours?

On all Raptours’ activities, participants will...

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